The Paul B. Williams ALS Transportation Program

The Paul B. Williams ALS Transportation Program is focused on addressing transportation needs for individuals diagnosed with ALS.  This is accomplished by providing access to non-emergency transportation, van rentals, van adaptations, and vouchers.  

Non-Emergency Transportation:  When other transportation options are not available, individuals with ALS may apply to utilize non-emergency transportation to attend ALS clinic appointments and other medical necessary appointments.

Accessible Van Rentals:  In collaboration with our community partners, ALS families will be able to rent an accessible van for a predetermined time pending an application approval.

Van Adaptations:  The Chapter will provide financial support to assist with vehicle modifications to make personal vans/cars more adaptable to existing needs. An application is required for pre-approval.

Van Vouchers:  A $1,000 grant may be provided to assist in purchasing an accessible van. This grant requires a written request along with an application. Applicants are selected based upon need and impact.

All options require a minimum of two weeks notice.

For additional information and to download a Transportation application click here: